Online Courses

The ES Synergy eLearning  platform is one of our proudest achievements. In keeping with our philosophy of innovation and trend setting we have created a learning platform that is not only very user-friendly but also provides course participants with the most extensive integrated feature set imaginable. Our cloud based online learning tool provides students with a variety of features ranging from full integration with their current user apps to video conferencing, course forums, online submissions and live support 24/7. And with access available via Windows, Apple and Android devices, students can access our learning platform from anywhere on the planet, with very low data consumption rates and fast media loading even via mobile networks. 

Short Courses

The Dynamics Of Coaching & The Coaching Scorecard

Kolbe A, B & C Index - Know yourself and what works for you

Personality assessment - Cognitive, conative and emotional. Social intelligences and the Brain Science of the Enneagram

The Ultimate Leadership Toolkit - A Evolution in Human Capital

An Initial Introduction To ShadowMatch

Becoming an Entrepreneur who makes a difference/ Transformed Entrepreneurship

Defining your needs so you can own your future.