eLearning Platform (LMS)


A learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational course materials or training programs. They help deliver material to students through various multi-media mediums (video, audio, text or live streaming presentations, administer knowledge assessments and other assignments, track student progress, and manage record-keeping. These platform are crucial in the learning process as they allow students a variety of learning content delivery customization, that best suits their individual learning style. It also assist the course presenters i.e. Teacher, Instructor or Program Facilitator to track each student's progress, assessment scores and thus evaluate when students require extra remedial attention. So one can say that an LMS is an essential modern day learning tool to improve student performance while creating a lighter workload for educators and students alike.



Because we understand the frustrations of not being able to use the software systems that you know and love with an application that you have newly acquired, we have ensured that during the development process we always kept the user in mind. Because of that fact we are proud to say that the Eqilibruim Solutions LMS Platform is one of the most compatible solutions you will ever use. Your LMS is designed to fully integrate with each individual user's currently utilized business administrative, productivity and communications software packages. Upon completion of the user registration process your LMS platform will automatically integrate with the user's personal email. administrative suite ( Microsoft Office, Google Docs, Google Drive, Custom SSO and even Equella Process Manager) and any social Media accounts provided. We even offer bulk import of existing user account for easy departmental of organizational integration. You will never have a more care-free integration process.

For your content creation we have integrated an internal Authoring tool or the option to import your existing course materials via any of the various internationally standardized IMS cross platform eLearning formats including :


- xAPI also known as TinCan

- Common Cartridge Packages

- CSV Bulk Import

- Custom HTML




Even though our Single Sign-On protocols makes for a comfortable and streamlines user experience, rest assured that your LMS Platform security measures are extensive, thus ensuring total content and personal information encryption that restricts access to any outside sources and guarantees full data integrity. Our multi-layer security measures include:

- Initial firewall encryption via individual User ID access Authentication

- Unique  and encrypted user URL pathways to each user's information storage location

- Secure links to any external usage applications via secure API integration creating a dedicated fully encrypted link

Eqilibruim Solutions administrators also conduct weekly penetration assessments of every client platform to ensure protocol integrity so our clients can have peace of mind that their information will remain safe and secure.