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In Response to various requests from many of clients that where unable to attend our first one-day seminar on Fundamentals of Modern Research Questionnaire Design, we have scheduled a second full day seminar program. Currently the planned date is the end of October 2019. For all the specific  details and to secure your place, complete the booking registration form on our Upcoming Events page. Candidates are also able to complete payment and confirm your booking all from one central page. Please feel free to contact us, should there be any questions we are able to assist with. We look forward to seeing you there.

Team Encouragement
Welcome to ES  and congratulations on taking your first steps toward the new world of innovative thinkers that will not only show you how to create positive change in your business and career, but also open your eyes to the solutions you have been looking for, and that have been there all along. Our unique business courses combined with an industry leading e-learning platform will ensure the effective professional growth you are looking for, so that your career or business can reach the heights you have been striving toward.
Through our unique approach to the entrepreneurial mindset as part of a professional's toolkit, and
showing how these principal can and should be applied not only to independent businesses but also to corporate structure and management processes, these programs help develop aspects of an individual's skill set that has remained, until now, unexploited and under developed. Thus, by evolving  this aspect of the individual, our programs enable learners to unleash untapped potential, underutilized skills and the ability to better anticipate the needs of their environment and fellow individuals. "But what is the benefit of that ?" many have asked . Just ask yourself, would the greatest  trend setters and innovators of our time have been able to accomplish a fraction of their success if they where unable to anticipate the future need of their fellow man? 
The ability to be successful is born into each and every one of use. What we are now, is nowhere close to what we are able to be. We just need some help to set those natural talents free. So, if you are looking for Business / Entrepreneurial courses, Coaching & Mentoring Courses, and even entry-level business administration programs that will give you something new,  ES Synergy is the online business academy for you. Because we have proven that no organization has a more valuable asset  than "Human Captital".
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