Dr. Erik Schmikl
CEO & Head Of Program Development

Dr Erik Schmikl, of Austrian descent, was born in South Africa where he matriculated at Pretoria Boy’s High School in 1958. He spent 13 years in government, retailing, and manufacturing before joining the Graduate School of Business Leadership, UNISA in 1972. Over a period of 18 years of part-time study he completed two master’s degrees and a doctoral degree (MA Psychology; MBL; and D Lit et Phil in Psychology). During his academic period with the SBL at Unisa he took up a one year contract as Professor of Organisational Behaviour to teach on the PED (Programme Executive Development) and a number of short seminars at Harvard University’s European based business school IMEDE (now IMD). He left the services of Unisa in 1992 to start up his own business consulting firm Synerlead International. He provided consulting, training, management development and  assessment services

to a large number of small, medium and large organizations within South Africa and Europe. His specific focus areas are strategic management, organizational development and leadership, and executive team building aimed at assisting organizations to enhance and sustain their competitive performance. During this period Dr. Schmikl provided business consulting services to many entrepreneurial SME’s,  numerous large private sector and several government organizations. He served as mentor to several CEO’s and senior executives. In his consultant role within a leading mobile network provider he assisted in the HR business systems structuring integration process along with various department heads. Working synergistically with the Group CEO who he mentored over several years, the mobile telecoms company’s business model exceeded company earnings abilities, growth rate and recouping of investor projections by almost 500%.  That enabled investors to move into positive dividends within 10 years of their network launch. Furthermore, in 1998 he assisted Prof. P G Steyn in developing and opening  Cranefield College of Project and Program Management. He assisted in the development of course modules, lectured on the College’s program and was head of the Masters program. He still serves on the Board as a Council member of Cranefield College, but withdrew from the role of Vice Principal  and his lecturing responsibilities in 2016 when he started the development of ES Synergy.

 Having noticed a distinct shift in the global mindset of the highly qualified and uniquely talented business executives toward pursuing the concept of establishing entrepreneurial ventures and providing their services to large corporations and even to the public directly through their own business structures rather than seeking employment from these corporations as they did in the past. He focused ES Synergy toward these individuals because he realized that the global market is in need of post-tertiary training programs that focuses on the entrepreneur, and that integrates currently relevant skill and knowledge building aspects that is relevant to the needs of the current business market. The result of this project is a range of training programs that can help modern day business men. Ranging from SME’s to corporate executives these courses create a more positive, effective and thus more successful business structure, thus not only boosting economic growth through company expansion and job creation, but also increasing financial success and less pressurized working environments. The first program in this series, The Pathway to Entrepreneurship, is shaped to be an extremely effective and cutting edge entrepreneurial course and real-world learning tool, combining currently relevant business concepts and skill-sets in a way never done before seen in a training program. With interest expressed by not only local but many international learning institutions to offer this program, our unique, fully online learning platform now offers this revolutionary training program, presented at an unwavering standard, and able to adjust to each student’s individual schedule. With various other expansion programs currently in development Dr. Schmikl is ready to change the global business environment as we know it.

POST MATRICULATION           BA (UP), 1966 (extramurally)

QUALIFICATIONS:                           BA Hons (Psychology) (UP), 1968

                                                                                       MA Cum Laude (Psycology) (RAU), 1976

                                                                                       MBL (UNISA) 1977

                                                                                       D Litt et. Phil (UNISA) 1983

Attending Lecturer at Harvard University’s ITP PROGRAMME AT INSEAD and hold international teachers program certificate


PROFESSIONAL                       HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL of SA   (Industrial Psychologist: PS5851)

REGISTRATIONS:                     Fully Accredited and licensed Kolbe Consultant

                                                                             Accredited Licensed MBTI, TESI and Emotional Intelligence  practitioner/consultant

                                                                            Accredited Licensed NBI practitioner