The Ultimate Leadership Toolkit

In a world where the global business market is more competitive than ever, yet there seems to be less and less capital available in business and personal budgets. That's what every news outlet, magazine and bank manager will tell you if you choose to believe it. But for those individuals that has the right point of view and the right structure and decision making tools, the last few "lean" years have been an absolute joyride. The closer we are to our own business environment, the less we see.

Well it's time to take a trip with us and we will show you how to be your own optometrist. In The Ultimate Leadership Toolbox Dr. Schmikl takes you on a journey through your everyday decision making processes, management style, attitude and most importantly, helps you find the passionate and creative you that first came up with the crazy idea to be the best. It doesn't matter if you're a one man enterprise or the CFO of a large corporate entity, you have to make decisions that effects you and those who are dependent on you on a daily basis. In this program we will be dealing with the most prevalent reasons why we make choices out of fear and how we can turn that fear into bravery and  clarity,

What to Expect

So we can start growing again in the right direction to create forward progress , or start with the right mindset and structural basis if your just getting off the ground.


During this Course we will be covering topics such as:


-Translating Strategy to a workable planning structure

-The psychology of Entrainment, Culture and the Pareto Principle

-Creating the business pipeline to expansion

-Efficient yet Impacting use of your Human Capital Resources

-Time, Profit and Margins - How to find the perfect balance

-Identifying the right person for the perfect task, allowing you the chance to still learn and grow

-The right balance between governance, ethics and social responsibility, keeping your team effective.

-Being more effective through the right decision making principles and good communication

-Creating innovative/alternate Team Dynamics

To name but a few examples of the areas covered in this program.

And because we understand that time is the most valuable commodity of all, our programs are designed to fit your schedule and won't require any of your business time or that of your staff if you don't want it to. Our cutting edge Online Learning Management Platform means that you are able to log on and complete your program whenever and wherever. Via computer, tablet or through our soon to be released smart phone app, you make the call. With online assignment completion and built-in video conferencing functionality for student trainer communication a classroom is something of the past. This allows our training courses to be truly self paced, you move through the program as quickly or as slowly as you need to reassure yourself that all the material is understood and just ensure that you complete your course within the recommended course duration..

Course Details:

Duration:                                                              4 Months

Min Requirement:                                        Grade 12 Certificate

Time Allotment:                                               +- 15 Hours per week

Final Assignment:                                         2 weeks prior to final Assessment

Qualification Accreditation:                Pending (NQF 7 International Equivalent Certification)

Cost:                                                                  R 6899.00  (Course  Stand Alone)

                                                                         R 8150.00 (Incl. Kolbe A Index & MBTI ASSESSMENTS)

Important Note:  The Kolbe A Index and MBTi Assessments are a prerequisite to complete this program. It is only price above as a stand alone program for those program participants who has completed these specific assessment already at an earlier date.  They are allowed to use those particular assessment results as they will not change over time.

Fundamentals of Modern Research Questionaire Design
A power packed one day seminar by Dr. Erik Schmikl where he will be sharing fundamental knowledge and concept in research and questionnaire design. Everything you never knew that you needed to know.
Jul 27, 2019, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM
Southern Sun O.R. Tambo International Ai,
International Airport, Jones Rd, O.R. Tambo, Johannesburg, 1627, South Africa