Over 35 years ago, Kathy Kolbe started her enterprise with a passionate commitment to helping elementary and high-school students of all ability levels navigate the educational system, learn more, and achieve their personal goals. After years of focusing on children, the company expanded its focus to include adults and was renamed Kolbe Corp. Building on the wealth of information and expertise they'd drawn from their success in child education, Kathy and her team dedicated themselves to helping adult learners and problem-solvers overcome barriers and maximize their success. Kathy developed an instrument – the first ever devised – to measure the instinctive action and problem-

Kolbe Index Assessment

solving styles of individuals. This dimension of the mind, called "conation," determines the way in which each individual might feel most comfortable and perform best in undertaking any action. She also wrote the best-seller, Conative Connection.

Kolbe Certified™ Consultant

Kolbe Indexes enable individuals to unleash the boundless power of their own natural instincts to:

  • Improve job performance and productivity

  • Launch rewarding careers

  • Enrich personal relationships

  • Become effective parents


Unlike personality tests, which tell you what's wrong with you and how to change it, Kolbe tells you what's right with you and how to make the most of it.

Benefits Both Business and Employees

Kolbe System™ is backed by more than three decades of scientific research and validation, and meets the standards of the American Psychological Association for validity and reliability as well as race, gender and age neutrality.

Kolbe's unique collection of employee assessments and WAREwithal® software are powerful diagnostic tools that help decision makers in businesses of any size:

  • Hire and keep the right people

  • Maximize employee potential

  • Build successful project teams

The results speak for themselves as some giants of trade and industry can already attest to. The Kolbe system was a pivotal part of their success, now it can also be part of yours. Combine this assessment with any one of your programs and get your full scoring index results analyzed by Dr. Erik Schmikl at no extra cost.



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