Dynamics Of Coaching

The Dynamics Of Coaching online business training course was designed to assists individuals in a company or organizational structure to improve their Mentoring abilities and also assist the same employee in the methods to better integrate advise and guidance the receive from their structural uppers. This is accomplished using a unique and first of its kind assessment tool named The Coaching Scorecard™.  The revolutionary tool has been specifically developed to assist a Coach to track his/her own effort in coaching

an individual. Existing literature reveals that there is a

great need for a measurement tool which can establish and demonstrate the positive impact coaching has in developing an individual so that he/she can become fully self-driven, autonomous, take on full responsibility for their own actions and management of their own unique talent. In exploring further, it is revealed that coaches often confuse the process of mentoring and coaching as being the same, when in fact this is not. The Coaching Scorecard™ has been tested and revealed that it feeds back to the coach their own progress towards not only becoming a successful coach, but can also observe and receive positive feedback of how the individual that is being coached is progressing in becoming a self-reliant performer. The Coaching Scorecard™ comprises of 5 modules with practical application and various exercises which provide an innovative bottom-up and top-down approach that sets a new standard not used before. This process fosters a unique system of bench-marking the progress of both the coach and coachee in their dynamic interaction towards enhanced skills self-development and talent unfoldment.

The Course covers the following aspects:

Module 1


Module 1  clarifies the established difference between Coaching and Mentoring, and introduces a missing dimension embedded in ‘volition’, known as the conative dimension of the mind. Volition is a vital component to be addressed in the bottom-up and top-down engagement process by all coaches wishing to embark on becoming a successful coach.


Module 2


Module 2  equips the individual with important insight regarding the essential conceptual bottom-up, top-down process implementation steps that lead towards becoming a successful coach and coachee in adopting the Coaching Scorecard™ process.  Course candidates are then enlightened to the concepts of "conative Instinct".  And how this simple principal dictates how different individuals will act, react and understand the same situation or task in completely divergent  ways, and how this can effect those around them, often resulting in misunderstanding and conflict.


Module 3


Module 3  delves into the conative (volition) aspect of the mind and reveals to the coach their own ‘natural’ instinct driven talent, and that of the individual being coached. An example of a full analysis is used to illustrate this process and why it is essential to incorporate this step in the coaching process. We also take a deeper look at the Kolbe A, B and C Index Assessments and how through the resulting information these instruments provide to the process participants, they are able to create a multi-directional communication channel that will allow them to have a positive and uplifting effect on each other and thus play a contrcutive role in one another personal growth process.  Our final phase of this module will then examine how this newly acquired self awareness of the "ME"  that cultivated the ability of clear and open communication through understanding of ones own as well as the other party's need is also responsible for different perceived realities and expectation between the participants of the coaching process.  And how through the knowledge of instictive action and natural ways of acting , combined with open and honest communication that is non-judgemental and open to understanding of another's perceptive process, will result in coaching outcomes that will elevates the abilities of both parties, thus creating consistent positive result growth not only for the individuals but also the organization.

Module 4  comprises of  2 Parts:

  • In Part 1 the Coaching Scorecard™ bottom-up process is explained by the coach to the coachee and the coach defines the responsibilities and the implementation process. The application of the process triangle is introduced.


  • In Part 2 the coach learns to apply the Coaching Scorecard™ by evaluating and identifying specific areas to be coached by applying the worksheet plotting process. In this process the self-diagnostic evaluation sheet is used to guide the coach on how to implement the top-down feedback process which will provide solutions and value add to the growth and development of the individual. This provides guidance how to effectively implement an action plan for both coach and the individual (coachee). This forms the first benchmark. Further periodic benchmarks are applied at chosen intervals to repeat the cycle to evaluate the growth of the coach and coachee regarding the fostering of skills in identified problem areas.


This unique process is a new  paradigm,  shifting it into  position to meets the needs of both  the current and future  economic markets  across all industries especially during times of Global Economic  transformation.


Module 5


In the last module the coach acquires the knowledge how to fully implement the Coaching Scorecard™ unique bottom-up top-down bench-marking system which reveals the progression of accomplished shifts in the coaches and coachees learning and development over time.

The Coaching Scorecard™ assessment process is used on an ongoing basis by the coach in which the assessment of progress is established in a cycle of every 3, 6, or 12 months. Feedback to the individual (Coachee) being coached, becomes a “top-down” process in which forward agreed actions are agreed upon by both coach and coachee. Re-assessment each time will assess and establish the measure of success being achieved. The observed actions will speak for themselves apart from the measure.

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Why the Kolbe Index Assessments should

be used in Business and Coaching.

Course Prices:

R 8250.00 Incl. Kolbe A, B & C Index Assessments


R 6699.00 Excl. Kolbe A, B & C Index Assessments

Please note that the Kolbe A, B & C Index Assessments is a requirement to attain the full Mastery of the course and to enable students to implement the skills and tools attained during the program in their real-world working environment. Thus it is a course completion prerequisite. However if students have completed these Assessments prior to enrollment in this program, those results can be utilized for course completion purposes.