Enrollment & Registration Area

Congratulations, your payment has been successful. You now only have a few simple steps to complete your course registration process. You can complete the registration process now or decide to do so a little later, whichever works best for you. You will be redirected to the official course enrollment page that look like the image shown. Please fill in the unique Student access code below then click on the enroll button and complete all required information fields.

As soon as you are ready please  click on the registration link below and we will take you where you need to go. Should you have any questions or problems during the final stages of the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us for support. We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service and support to our student and we do our very best to have any technical issue or query resolved in under 3-4 hours.

Unique Student Enrollment Access Code: FBII-QFLV

Please ensure that you make a note of this code before continuing with the registration process as entry of this code will be required before access to the learning portal will be allowed.